SLE - Newark airport pick up question


May 26, 2016
Hello, just a quick question for any parent or candidate who already did this.
My DD will arrive on Saturday for session 2, they told her that she will be pick up in Terminal A, (her flight arrive in another Terminal), but we google Newark airport and it said carousels are in level 2, and in other website that all arrivals carousels and pick up area are in Level 1.
Can somebody please let us know, where your DS or DD was pick up, in Level 1 or 2?
Thank you.
The carousels are on the lower level of Terminal A.
She should take the AirTrain (free inter terminal tram) to Terminal A go down the escalators as far as possible.
Also there are people in and around the Airtrain stations wearing red jackets that can provide assistance.
Us New Jersey folks are actually very nice, as long as you don't owe us money.