SLE portal opened?


Feb 14, 2017
Do candidates accepted to SLE have their portal opened before SLE or later in the summer with everyone else?
The portal is partially opened by completing the candidate questionnaire. However, the main process won't open until July 1st. This is stated under the 'Overview' tab.
I read another thread:
Where someone had completed their entire application prior to NASS. How is this possible if it doesn't open until July 1st or is USNA open before USMA? DS got in to SLE but not NASS, his SLE paperwork is still processing. I was just wondering if after it processed if we would see more of the portal open up to complete more of the application before he went.
DD went to SLE and her portal did not open until after WP received her 6th semester grades. So once these are available after end of junior year have them sent and then admissions will review and open portal sometime after July 1. They will get instructions at SLE regarding this.
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