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    Good evening,

    I am currently a junior enrolled in a high school in California.

    Because the sign-ups for the SLE do not begin until January of 2018, I was wondering what I should have ready for sign-up come January. As such, I have taken the step to read through the SLE admissions on the West Point website and have come to the following conclusion.

    A candidate/applicant must have:

    (1) A valid SAT/ACT/PSAT score (Got a 740V/800M in August with a 7/3/7 on the essay)
    (2) Opened the Candidate Questionnaire (will do that in January)
    (3) Be a high school junior at the time of application (Yes)
    (4) Be at least 17 by July 1st (Yes)

    Like or unlike the process for pursuing a nomination, will I need a letter(s) of recommendation from one or more of my teachers? I just wanted to make sure that I don't receive a rude awakening upon filling out the application, only to realize that I need a letter of rec.

    Finally, I was wondering what criterion besides standardized test scores are taken into consideration when applying the SLE.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Test scores, basic information such as your congressional district, and then what activities you're involved in. Extremely straight forward application.
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    I attended SLE this past June and it is actually pretty straightforward. You do not need any letters of rec or anything like that. As of SAT/ACT scores, from my experience they varied hardcore. One guy I met had a 35 on his ACT, and another person had a 17. Do your best on your sat and your act but make sure that you have leadership activities because from my experience that's what got most people in.
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    Complete the application as soon as it opens. Slots are filled on a first come, first served basis for competitive applicants.

    While a non-competitive applicant is unlikely to be selected regardless of when the application is completed, a strong applicant applying later may be rejected because slots are full.
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    Remember, SLE has no bearing on admissions; attendance does not count in the WCS. It is an outreach camp whose main purpose is to provide exposure to those who might not otherwise consider a military academy. Therefore, the most attractive candidates are those who might provide some diversity to the next incoming class, not necessarily those with the highest academic stats. Our son's FFR told him not to bother as 1) he didn't need a week at WP to know he wanted to go there 2) his profile was not what the camp was designed to attract. He didn't apply, but he's now a cow.

    ETA: He got a similar rationale from his Navy BGO regarding NASS.
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    Johnkim, slight correction. You do not have to be 17 by July 1 of the year you attend SLE. You have to be 17 by July 1st of the year you would enter the Academy. So, in your case, you have to be 17 by July of 2019. I know this because DD went to SLE this past June and she was 16. She just turned 17 recently, well after July 1. She also has an open application and is on the long path hoping to get an appointment for 2018.