Dec 22, 2016
I applied for SLE on Saturday January 14th. The application wasn't supposed to open until the 15th but I said what the heck and tried anyway. Regardless, I applied and received my portal information. Now did the SLE application go through? I did receive a receipt for my application but at the same time the admissions page said the application is closed. Am I in the clear or should I be a little worried?

On top of that, my father went to USMA and played lacrosse. I stated this on the application. That being said, I know a lot about West Point and have grown up around the military my whole life (I stormed the field at Army-Navy this year). I have solid extracurriculars and my test scores are complimentary as well. IF I get denied for SLE could it be possible because I know about USMA and the admissions people would like someone else to experience West Point knowing that I will most likely apply there in the fall? I also know that SLE doesn't dictate an appointment but just curious.
Thoughts? Thanks!
A lot of factors play into getting an acceptance to or a rejection from SLE.

I appreciate your enthusiasm but no point talking about "IF" you get rejected. It would be pure speculation at this point.

Concentrate on getting ready and thinking positive.