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    I am a mom with a 15 year old son who is so set on the military, that I cannot imagine him doing anything else. I have recently discovered that sleep apnea is a disqualifying condition. Is this true? Is it true across the board? He has requested mandibular advancement surgery to correct the condition, and we have been told he is a good candidate for it. Assuming the surgery is successful, would he have a good chance of receiving a waiver, or is there a chance that the surgery itself would be disqualifying due to it's reconstructive nature. Help! I really don't know what he'll do if he's told he can't go into service. Right now, his goals involve academy or senior military college, and these are a large part of what's motivating him physically and academically.
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    Larry Mullen
    Deputy Director, DoDMERB
    Larry.Mullen@dodmerb.tma.osd.milAvailable 24/7/365 (I do NOT use Forums PM. Send me an email :thumb:)
    90% of my responses are within the hour
    100% of responses are within 24 hours

    That's the contact information in Larry's sig here. He's the guy you'll want to contact regarding this (I 100% guarantee you that he will post in this topic saying to email him, and his post will contain :thumb: )

    He is the Deputy Director of the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board. THE go-to guy.
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