SLS applications available 12-15-2008


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WEST POINT, N.Y. – The U.S. Military Academy’s Directorate of Admissions announced today that applications for the Summer Leader Seminar SLS would be available starting Monday, Dec. 15, 2008, through April 1, 2009.

This year’s seminar will bring together approximately 900 outstanding rising high school seniors from around the country for a six-day immersion into West Point. There are two sessions scheduled this year, with the first session running May 30 through June 5 and the second June 6-12.

The program consists of daily morning physical training, academic classes, intramural sporting events, a day of military training, administration of the Candidate Fitness Assessment test, a West Point tour and social functions. All participants stay in cadet barracks and meals are served in the Cadet Mess Hall. Generally, students invited to attend SLS will be competitive for admissions to West Point.

Students pay their own travel expenses plus a registration fee of $325 to pay for food, workshop materials and some West Point apparel. For more information or to apply online go to
to all juniors in high school out there interested in west point, sls is your oppurtunity to show the academy what your all about and the sooner you apply the better chance you have of getting in

if your one of the lucky few who get a spot, be proud in knowing that statistically its harder to get into sls then it is the academy itself!

Harrison Morgan
Westpoint Summer Leaders Seminar 2008 grad and
Westpoint 2013 swimming and diving hopeful!
In the application it asks for your class rank, but my school does not have a ranking system so what should I do? It will not let me skip the step or put 0.
i had the same problem last year, school has no official rank, so i had my guidance counselor give me her estimation. it doesn't have to be exact just make sure its going to reflect your transcript when you send it in next year
I agree, ask your guidance counselor which percentile she/he would put you in. Your guidance counselor will have to estimate your rank when you apply next year.

Good luck! :thumb:
Wow. It's hard to believe the application process for c/o 2014 has begun (app. for Navy 2013 haha) it's odd to think that a year ago I had no plans to apply to USNA. Now I'm headed to NAPS and USNA and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Good luck candidates for c/o 2014! Take every oppurtunity you can: Apply for SLS, NASS (stealin' a few hehe), and USAFA's summer program, and even Coast Guard's. This year and a half will be a whirlwind...

Fair winds and following seas, 2014!