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    Hello community,
    So after a very busy and hectic day, I finally managed to get the notary, the money order and finalize the medical questionnaire. After the process, I thought it would be a good idea to look over the papers. Sure enough, since I am quite foolish, I made some spelling errors and got the dates mixed up. I wanted to make it more professional looking so I got white-out, fixed the areas, printed the papers out again and re-did the parts that I did wrong.
    I am worried if this is an ok thing to do or not. I decided to read the general information again and it said "Do not substitute forms! Substituted forms will not be accepted."
    Does this mean that they wont accept the printed sheets and only the original copies?
    Also, I do not have medical insurance. Will this affect the medical questionnaire portion if I don't fill that area out?
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    my thoughts

    I am about to provide opinion here, so take it with a grain of salt. I have no concrete answer for you:

    My guess would be that by "No Subsitutes" they want the forms in the format as exactly presented on the website, etc, and not re-typed into some other format, or loaded into some Word document that you create containing the same info but in a different order. Also, I am pretty sure that if you whited out anything on a notarized form, it invalidates the notary's seal and you will likely need to get it re-done.

    On concrete answer I can give you: Call the folks at the SLS number. I had to call them at one point and they were very helpful.
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    I myself copied all the files "for the record". I believe all my files were sent in a bigger page (A4 instead of the provided Letter) (except the notary). They accepted it. You'll probably be fine. I think what they mean is the same as TheDukeOfEarl's opinion. My guess.

    I just don't think they want you to send them pages in pink and green instead of the white one, you know ;)

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