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Nov 6, 2008
Okay, this is were i stand. I'm pretty much set up to be a "competitive" candidate for applying to USMA.
-split-op with the army reserves
-scouts, eagle project,
-NHS society, student gov, grades
etc etc (don't really want to toot my own horn or whatever)
Okay, here is my problem. I screwed up pretty big on precalc honors the first school quater, with a 77. It was a combination of a lot of stuff on my part, so i'm not blaming it on anyone, and i'm bringing it up to a A or B+ at least this quater.But also, my PSAT scores came in, and i got a 71 on critical reading, 55 on math, 73 on reading (all out of 80).
So, what i'm getting at is math has never been my strong point, and the quater grade and then the crappy PSAT score (a 550 theoretically on the SAT) currently present a bad mathematics image to the admissions people. its not like a 77 is the trend (a's/b's in past math class in high school), but even still, i'm a junior, and this is the year they look at the most.
So, when should i apply to SLS. Should i apply now as it's rolling admissions, or wait till january or the end of 2nd quater at the end of january, so they will recieve my new/higher math grade for precalc on my transcprit/report card, and they will observe an upward trend.
I know they'll find out about the crappy grade either way, but will applying after the new grade comes out ease their worries/"dislike" about the 77 when considering my SLS application, or should i just go for it and apply now.
advice please, thanks
jrobs12, you asked:
So, when should i apply to SLS. Should i apply now as it's rolling admissions

Apply for SLS now and update your file when your grades improve. They will. :thumb:

Follow the application directions carefully and :
Note that this is a two-step process. You must do both of the following to complete the application: 1) submit the Candidate Questionnaire, AND 2) complete the Workshop Preference worksheet.

Study for the SAT and ACT and plan to take both multiple times if necessary.

Have you read the West Point Admissions Prospectus? The steps for admission are spelled out very plainly. It even provides the links for the ACT and SAT sites.

Also keep in mind that admission to SLS depends on geography in addition to personal qualifications. Most West Point Prospective Candidates do not attend SLS.

In addition to SLS, consider applying for other summer leadership opportunities like Boys State, Global Young Leaders, and the other Service Academy summer leadership programs. You could also apply to be a counselor in a local summer camp. Of course, you may have a summer obligation with the Army Reserves. You are already in the best leadership training...Go Army. :smile:

Could you visit West Point? The day visit may give you an opportunity to speak one on one with an Admissions Counselor.

Best of luck as you begin the Admissions process for the Class of 2014. :cool:
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I agree with Antoinette - Apply now!

If you want the definitive answer give admissions a call. I am pretty sure they want your application in though. As Antoinette said you can update your file later.
If you decide to take your SAT's this winter then have those scores submitted to West Point when you sign up. They will get them quicker.

Now -two things -
Math skills are important for admission to West Point. You will take math there and lots of it. Don't get too down on yourself though right now.
Remember, West Point looks at the whole person not just your math score.
Do yourself a favor though and keep working - get extra help if needed and persevere.

If you don't get accepted to SLS it's not the end of the world. Lots of cadets didn't go to SLS. Not getting accepted doesn't mean you won't be a competitive candidate or that you won't be accepted. WP uses SLS as mainly a marketing tool to encourage high school students who fit the scholar/leader/athlete model to consider an Army career.

Apply ASAP and Good Luck!
yes, everything that they said. i went this past summer and it was the best experience by far (even better than USAFA and USNA!) i was notified two weeks after i applied, they do rolling so i hope you have already done it!

also, take in to consideration what classes you sign up for. they are three hours long! like the mom said, math skills are important, so sign up for the mathematics seminar, it gets your brain working on some algebra type problems, and there's even a competition.

i've heard it's more or less based on your standardized test scores, so apply now! and apply to the other two- you just never know. finally, talk to your regional admissions director!