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    I went to SLS, and I really enjoyed myself a lot there. I was wondering how realistic of a view that gives of WP. I'm worried that being an actual cadet is a lot harder because maybe they babied us at the camp. Thanks!
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    Although I didn't attend a SLS myself (not even sure they had SLS when I applied), I can point out to you that SLS is only a week whereas being a cadet is a 47 months long journey. Being a cadet is not running a sprint, rather running a marathon.
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    SLE is like a bite out of the whole pie. Being an actual cadet is going to be much harder -- you'll have to manage your time, balance your priorities and stay physically and emotionally healthy, all while attending classes/doing homework, playing a sport or doing PT, and still attending mandatory activities. My DS seems to have free time very late at night and on Sundays (at least that's when he calls).

    If you understand going in what will be expected of you and can juggle everything, you should be ok. There are lots of resources for academic help, if you get sick or injured, and opportunities to be part of groups outside your company.

    Surprisingly some new cadets are shocked once BCT starts/mid-way through of what they were actually getting into.

    (My DS attended SLE '13.)
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    I didn't attend SLE but did go to NASS (same thing, just at naval academy). NASS allowed to figure out if I really wanted to go to a school with an environment. My thought process for the week I was there was constantly asking myself if I thought I could handle the intensity and pressure there for four years. Ultimately, for me that answer was yes. However, despite my careful thinking, it still didn't stop me from coming within days completely outprocessing during beast this summer. I don't think the summer programs can give you a full snapshot of your plebe year, but they do give you an idea of the basic structure of days at West Point, USNA, or USAFA. Just know that even if you go to a "normal" college you will still have major stressors that are equivalent to those you will face at West Point. They are just different. That is one of the key things that got me through beast and has made me stay since then as well. One thing that is consistent is that you get to see how good and genuine the cadets are. That doesn't change. Just some rambling thoughts. Make of them what you will.
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    I did SLS (now SLE) and am currently a yuk. I can assure you that the atmosphere favors that of the school year, whereas during BEAST you will be primarily focused on what was covered during the military day of SLS.

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