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    Nov 3, 2014
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    When should someone join the National Guard in order to do the simultaneous membership program? Should someone be in in the Guard before going to a college's AROTC program, or should one enlist once in ROTC? I was trying to find it online and the National Guard's website, but I couldn't find anything and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it. Thanks!
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    I see no replies yet. Trying moving this question to the ROTC forum and I believe you will get a few replies. Moderators frown on duplicate post in different forums but state you have had no replies here (except one :) ) Hopefully they will not flag it...

    Also have you used the search feature with SMP entered? There have been several threads lately on SMP. My DS is SMP but not sure I know the answer to your particular question. Are you looking at an ROTC scholarship because I don't think you can do both. Also a lot of rule changes in the making for SMP and AD choices if a choice. Also no GI bill any longer with FTA assistance. Also before you are actually considered SMP and assigned to a unit you have to complete Basic and AIT. Before that time you meet drill but in a RSP unit. Once you have completed Basic and AIT you become fully deployable if needed school or no school. Although they try to stay away from deployment for SMP it is a possible. There are plenty of in and out of SMP you need to fully understand.

    Someone will come along that knows more about the particulars....Hope this helps a little? Check this thread for one if you have not already...

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    I am a VMI cadet in the SMP program here. PM me if you have more specific questions but here goes...

    -A few guys in the SMP program here enlisted in highschool. What they will do is "STO" aka split training option. This means you would go to basic training during the Summer and AIT (advanced individual training aka your army "job specific" training for your MOS the next Summer.

    -I enlisted while I was at VMI and most of the SMP program people here at VMI did this. You will STO if you do this too.

    -This is just my opinion but you could get an Army active duty contract or scholarship if you work hard at VMI and being in the National Guard means you can't take an AROTC scholarship so keep that in consideration.

    -As far as RSP (recruit sustainment program) drill is concerned, you will do that from the time you enlist (swear in at MEPS which is the military entrance and processing station) until the time you finish AIT unless you get contracted to commission then you won't go to your unit or RSP you would drill with SMP.

    -For example, I contracted with AROTC to commission after finishing basic training so I didn't go to AIT and went to the SMP unit drill and I have been drilling with them until I commission.

    -Hope it helps and remember this is a pretty big decision, thoroughly research your options before you put your right hand up and swear to defend the Constitution and basically become government property. =)

    Rah Virginia Mil
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