So where do they put all their stuff for the summer?


Oct 24, 2015
Wondering where mids put all their stuff/personal and uniforms during the summers? Do we have to get it home or is there a place we could store it???? Not sure how that works versus college. Mine is a college re applicant. We are from Iowa so I am wondering if this is a road trip every year.

Unneeded uniforms go into storage.
There are storage lockers.
Many mids stow storage totes at sponsor's, if they allow it.
Many mids go in on a storage unit in town.
Some ship boxes home.
Some have homes close enough for parental drive-it-all-home support.

They all figure it out.
I've had two daughters attend East Coast colleges , and never went to help move in or move out, and they had alot more stuff than a Midshipmen has (or should have). They figure it out.

As an aside, we used to store some stuff in the ceiling tiles in our rooms...I will never forget a Youngster walking into the room when the Brigade reformed when I was a Plebe , jumping on the upper rack, pulling a duffle bag of stuff from the ceiling tiles, and walking out without saying a word. I woiuldn't encourage it...rumor has it someone put too much up there and collaped the tiles... I suspect they look for it now.
Over summer at NASS, the guys in the room across from me pulled out a hot dog suit, a ton of old essays, some school supplies, and a bunch of other junk from their ceiling tiles... Not really sure what the hot dog suit was for but it definitely made us laugh. Judging by the essays, it looked to be a graduated firstie's stuff he left/forgot about