SoCal Single Mom saying hi!


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Feb 6, 2017
Hello everyone!

I'm the single mom to a 16 year old who put in his application to NASS and has already called our BGO. We've been lurking for years and learning, so thank you to all the fine parents, veterans, staff and students who have contributed to our journey already. This place has been a great resource.

My son asked me in 8th grade to take him to the Academy night for our congressman, and during his conversation with WP about his computer coding for fun, the BGO pulled him aside (quite rudely LOL), and told him to stay in touch because of the new Cyber Operations degree and building for USNA. That stuck with my son, and ever since his goal has been preparing for USNA and his Plans B-G.

He'll be joining the forum as he has time and questions, but so far so good, he's been reaching out to his local resources for answers. Currently he's a Junior with all the correct grades, extra curriculars, sports, and is setting himself above the rest with taking college classes in addition to his high school classes. As all parents that post here, just the fact he's established himself as a candidate is a tremendous point of pride.

I look forward to participating around here!