Soccer ID Camp 4/22/17


Apr 18, 2017
My daughter was invited to attend the Spring ID Camp this Saturday. Any advice on what, if anything, we should do while we are there as far as going any further with the Head Coach? Thank you in advance!
I am not sure I understand the question. Are you asking what you should do as a follow-up for your daughter being a soccer recruit?

What year is your daughter? How large is the Spring ID Camp?

As a general rule - coaches want to hear from and speak to the recruit and typically want to minimize their time/involvement with parents.

Recruits can always call coaches. There are limits as to when and how often a coach can call/communicate with a recruit.
Does your daughter play ECNL? Did Navy see her at an event and then contact her coach? If so, the coach already knows about her and she is on the radar. There is a difference b/w receiving a flyer in the mail / email and the navy coach reaching out directly to your DDs coach. What year is your daughter?

I have 2 DDs that received D1 soccer scholarships (neither were at USXA) but I am pretty familiar with the general process.