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    This topic has been addressed before but since we are starting to have new applicants appear on this forum, I just want to share a story with any new applicants out there.

    My mom took a phone call at work yesterday and as telephone small talk goes, it turns out the other lady was also a mom to another 2013 candidate. This other mom told my mom that her son just found out that he had been DQ'd from USAFA Admissions for the class of 2013.

    Apparently, the candidate received a remedial from his DODMERB physical because of a rash on his hands. The candidate called his ALO and his Admissions Counselor at USAFA and they both reassured him that that would not DQ him. So the candidate disregarded the remedial.

    Move forward a few months to May. The candidate had not heard from USAFA about his appointment - one way or the other. So he called. He was informed he was medically DQ'd 2 months ago (presumably because he failed to complete his remedial).

    His mother said they are now scrambling to get him admitted to the local State College. And he was going to "try" for an AFROTC scholarship.

    How sad. This young man had received multiple nominations, had excellent scores and appeared to have everything going in his favor. Except for this one little problem with DODMERB. Correction: this HUGE problem with DODMERB.

    So here's the advice to all of you new applicants. First of all, take DODMERB's remedial requests very seriously. Regardless of what anyone "tells" you, you must satisfy DODMERB or you are history to Admissions. Secondly, (and this has been repeated over and over again, but apparently some of us don't listen) HAVE A PLAN B.

    This young man I write about was "so sure" he was going to receive an appointment that he didn't pursue any alternatives "just in case". He didn't complete his ROTC scholarship paperwork by the deadline. He didn't even have a college picked out. Poor kid just shot himself in both feet.

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