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    1. Anytime you are allowed off campus, do you have to wear your uniform? If so, which one?

    2. Do you get the summers off? I know that at USNA, during the summers, the midshipmen go on cruises aboard navy ships. Could I do this enrolled in NROTC at El Cid?

    3. How often are you allowed to go out and have fun knob year compared to upperclassmen.

    Last one: People say that it sucks to be at the citadel but is good to be from. I would imagine that after knob year it would be fun wouldnt it? because doesnt the yelling toward you stop when you get more senior.
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    1. When off campus, you are supposed to be in the correct leave uniform. This depends on the weather and time of year, but it will be announced before leave begins. In the warmer months it will be Summer Leave, but in Winter months it may be Salt and Pepper or Dress Grays.

    2. Cadets do have summers off. Contracted Cadets may have school training, or other military obligations. Senior Naval cadets go on a "Senior Cruise" the summer before Senior year.

    3. Knob year is tough. There will be times when you will have some fun, particularly on weekends. Upperclassmen are allowed to leave on Wednesday afternoons after classes until Evening Study Period (ESP). All cadets have weekend leave on open weekends, and on closed weekends after inspections, football games or other military obligations.

    Being a cadet at The Citadel means that you will have to live an ordered lifestyle, and you will not dictate that order. Upperclassmen hate this as much as the knobs. Knobs do catch much more crap than upperclassmen do (we're the only ones getting yelled at all the time), but if they don't stay shined up, keep their room in order, etc, they will get demerits and/or punishments too. After knob year, life does get easier. You will still be kept busy, and I'm sure you'll find it easier to find fun and free time. But while things may suck here sometimes, I already have many fond memories. I'm proud of what this school has already taught me, and look forward to what it will continue to teach me in the future.

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