someone please tell me this is a joke


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May 15, 2007
This was posted on the GoMids web forum today...
I hope this is some practical joke but there was a memo issued this week.??


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Re: "Brigade" Name Changed To "Fleet"


In speaking with several MIDS this afternoon, at the beginning of 2008, USNA terminology is being officially changed to as follows:

Brigade changed to Fleet

Battalion changed to Division

Company changed to Department

Platoon changed to ????

Squad changed to Shop
News to me if that has happened...Although I wouldn't be surprise since we are the USS Bancroft, underway, not making way on the weekdays and only get liberty call when we moor up to Annapolis on the weekends...
No mention of this in yesterday's conversation with our midshipman. Seems like it would have come up.:confused:
I still think this might be the work of Salty Sam?? It certainly sounds like something from him. I hope so.
I asked my Youngster if she heard about this and she scowed at me. Told me she hadn't heard a thing and it sounded like another lame rumor.

So the 'rest of the story' has yet to be determined at our end.

But the operating factor is ...She is home IN PERSON to ask! Now THAT'S no rumor!