Sonic Booms

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by evilleramsfan, Jul 29, 2011.

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    I just saw a clip on sonic booms and it cued the following memory that I had to share....

    One of the biggest airshow thrills I have had was watching a B1B doing a high speed flyby at the airshow in downtown St. Louis one 4th of July in the 90's. We saw him coming in from the south and then suddenly saw a cloud form around his nose. (For those familiar with St. Louis, the cone became visible just south of the Poplar Street Bridge.) It slowly worked its way down the plane until it stopped right around the front of his wings. My buddy and I who were there covered our ears (he had served on a carrier in the navy) because we were sure he was going to punch through. We just watched in disbelief as he rode that wave the length of the St. Louis riverfront and never punched through. It was a beauty to watch and I am still amazed at his ability. I'm sure that the higher-ups at McDonnell Douglas (who sponsored the airshow) made sure the Air Force had a bit of a talk with him.... What I would give for a recording of that event!
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    Wow! That sounds (pun unintended) amazing! I didn't know you could actually ride the sound barrier! That's pretty awesome!

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