Sophomore: ask me anything

How was Basic Cadet Training like? I know it lasts 6 weeks, but what are you allowed to do in time period between when it end in August and when the academic year starts in September? Like are you allowed to fly back home during that time if you're not participating in any sports? Thanks I want to know if incoming cadets get a summer vacation.
BCT was exhausting, but very rewarding. It was one of my favorite parts of the academy. You need to let it be inspirational, so don’t get bitter. When it ends in August, there is a mandatory transition week, so you can’t go home. You attend lectures and briefs and prepare for the academic year.
How was the boxing class? Anything to be concerned about from an injury/concussion standpoint? I've read several other threads on the topic, but I thought you might be a good person to ask. Thanks.
Just took boxing. Got literally punched in the face ( my partner was great! Loved her for that actually). Had a nose bleed during a gr. Not a single headache, nothing. Probably had a dry nose and it got hit wrong with no pain. Head gear is great and if you keep your head up they push your gloves. I took a few body shots but no bruises. For those wondering oh yes she punched "through me" as we are told to. Didn't hold back yet still no concussion thanks to the basic being taught.

You'll enjoy it.