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Discussion in 'Life After the Academy' started by DrummaBoy, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Hi guys,
    Im only a freshman in highschool so obviously I have a long time before I need to start worrying about this, and I should be worrying more about even making it to west point first, but I have been brousing around several different MOS's and have just a few quick questions.

    1. When you make your picks for your top MOS's in your senior year at West Point, is it possible to put Special forces officer on their, or Special forces candidate at least, because that is what I am most interested in and feel If I keep up the ammount of sports I do and how much I work out, I could take the training. If not, how would you go about becoming a special forces officer? (I know their is another thread somewhere about this, but it didn't answer the question as clearly as I had hoped).

    2. If going for the ranger position, I assume you would just put your MOS as infantry and then atttend the school. But how would you go about making it into the actual ranger regiment as an officer?

    THank you taking the time to read this and again, I know I have a TON of time to think this through and everything but I want to start young so I am more prepared when the time comes.


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    Aaron- SF is not an accession branch- you apply usually as a junior captain for selections and then the Q course and then if you pass that- you will get branch transferred to SF. Ranger school is pretty standard for all Combat Arms officers- but especially Infantry officers, and most guys go right after the basic course. The Ranger Regiment is open to you once you have served as a Platoon Leader - It is an Infantry assignment and you won't spend your whole career in it- although lots of guys have multiple assignments to the regiment (if they are good!).
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    One correction: the SF assessment time starts when you're a lieutenant. It's done by cohort year groups. There is some chance to assess as a captain, but it's preferable as early as possibly because of the length of the Q course and Alpha course, and the need to get you through a maneuver branch Captain's Career Course, and still meet your KD time as an ODA team leader. There are "Out of Year Group" waivers, but they are cut off at a certain point.

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