Specific BGO question


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Oct 6, 2008
I have a question. My daughter has not arranged for her interview yet but I have a possible concern (may be a silly concern). My daughter had a part-time summer job as a life guard. I am concerned that the B&G officer may want to contact her former boss. Does anyone know if that is done? The reason that makes me nervous is that, although she left her job under good circumstances, her former boss is unpredictable and often has bad things to say about people. He is an alcoholic and his business is in a financial mess. My daughter's first pay check came 2 months after she started working and the check bounced. After that he paid her in cash at his convience. He also did not supply the lifeguards with required safety gear like a back board and first aid kit.:thumbdown: She did not cause any problems so I am not so concerned that the former boss would lash out at her out of revenge. I just think he lacks moral character and I don't trust him. Anyway, does anyone know if the B &G officers ever contacts present/former employers as part of the interview? If so, any advice on how we should proceed? Thanks, Tera
I have never asked for references nor have I ever contacted anybody beyond the candidate. My interviews are focused on the candidate and the parents.