Spectacle Prescription Form


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Mar 6, 2017
DD's optometrist didn't want to fill out the glasses frame information because they said it depended on the frames. Anybody else encounter this dilemma?
I've been wearing glasses forever (>35 years) , and never once has the Optometrist conditioned Rx on what frames I was getting. I usually get the RX and go fill it. If DD has some special condition, you could call the Medical Coordinator at Admissions and they may be able to help you by providing specifications for the frames.
Been in glasses since the 4th grade (I'm 50 now) I have never heard of such a bizarre thing. You get the script and do what you want with it.
My optometrist had me try on plastic frames to find a bridge size that fit because that is the most important part. You don't want to have your glasses sliding of your face, so I would recommend at least getting a bridge size that fits your face.
Pupilsry distance and bridge size are two new important numbers since the lens focus is placed specifically at that location.
My son't pupillary distance is not even so I'm hoping they take into account the two separate measurements. As for slipping, they wear those goofy straps anyway.