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Nov 6, 2008
I'm a junior in high school and i'm starting to look pretty heavily into split-op with the army reserves or national guard, and have talked with a reserve recruiter. I'm also scheduled to take the ASVAB in november. my goal is to get into usma or a 4 year rotc program, but i know the process etc etc so theres no need for you all to elaborate on it. i have some questions, as i've really researched this a lot and have come up with a lot of different answers/opinions
1: Army Reserves or National Guard? I'm looking for the option that will give me the most amount of "army" experience i could get considering i'll only do drill once a month. I know a lot of that also depends on MOS's.
2: I've heard this come up quite a few times, that split-ops are treated not so hot by the unit they are with during senior year, because they aren't AIT/job qualified. How much of this is true?
3: Is it worth it, solely from looking at it as a person who wants to end up as an officer/do the best job he can as one?
4: Besides the nomination from the company commander benefits, how beneficial is split-op to my applications process/how would a USMA admissions person view this decision (positively)?
5: In terms of MOS's, here are the ones that have interested me (i havent gotten a chance to run them by my recruiter yet though, so bear with me if there's obvious flaws in my judgement/doability of those MOS's if i was a split-op): MP (god complex issues?), Cav scout (this is probablly my top choice), or infantry. Knowing that i would only drill once a month, and then hopefully go straight to wp, with which one would i stand to learn the most about the army etc from.
6: any other comments/experience/pros or cons?
Thank you
7: Is it worth giving up probablly my last normal summer of high school (mission trip to nicuaragua, SLS for wp, job), and a normal last year of high school for split-op (just your opinions)? I guess it is to become an officer, but what are your views.
Thank you in advance
Hey, I did what you're planning to do. I first went into a reserve unit my junior year, completing basic that summer (didn't complete ait due to time restraints). As soon as i became a senior i switched over to active duty (11x opt. 40, lead the way). As a result, i am in the DEP and i do not have to report to training until AIT; unless i get accepted to USMA. I think it was a great choice because my CO was able to give me a nomination for West Point and it shows them that you are dedicated.