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    I was sent a link to this website from one of my sponsor cadet's parents. They thought I may be able to help answer some questions for some cadets or their families who have questions about the sponsor program, or if I do not know the answer, I would be happy to research the question for you, and see if I can find an answer.

    My family joined the sponsor program at the USAFA five years ago. I've been thru two classes that have graduated.

    The people who run the sponsor program at the USAFA work very hard to make it a successful program. They provide new sponsor families with an information handbook, and new sponsor families are required to attend a meeting they hold once a year.

    The sponsor office can answer some basic questions, but to be honest, they are extremely busy, handle a lot, and don't have much time for lots and lots of questions. They have always been very helpful and warm when my family had questions, but I kind of get the impression they are understaffed. So........ my best advice is to learn as you go thru the years with new & older cadets and their families, and get to know other sponsor families.

    If anyone does have a question, I will do my best to answer it, and it I don't know the answer, I will try to find it out for you.

    We've dealt with both wonderful cadets, and some bad cadets. Academic problems, discipline issues, emergencies in a cadet's family, including a death. Also cadets who were sent home, cadets who have had to take a medical leave for a while, emergency surgeries, and many other issues.

    My family has supported our cadets in anything they are involved in, from athletics, music, to designing items to one day go into space.

    There is no blueprint for a sponsor family to follow. Every family is different, as is every cadet and their families. I can honestly say though, this has been one of the most rewarding things we've been involved in.

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