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Jan 13, 2007
One more question guys. I applied for the Summer Seminar a couple weeks ago, and I haven't heard back from then on anything. Is this a problem? Are they waiting until the application deadline closes?
I applied January 1st and I have'nt heard anything. I did have a phone interview though. Good Luck.
Good to here from a guy who I might meet there this summer. How long after you applied did you receive the phone call? I haven't heard from them since I applied late in January. Is it possible that my application maybe didn't make it?
I applied for the Summer Seminar on January 1 and I was contacted by my interviewer on January 16. I think that it depends on the person doing the interview. if you go on to the AFA website and try to reapply, your original application will show up and it should say "Recieved by USAFA". So if I were you I would won't let you if it went through, so thats how you can figure it out. I would'nt worry about the interview, but if you really want you might want to contact admissions. I hope we all hear soon. Good luck and i hope to see you there!:cool:
I just looked at my application and it said it has been received (thank goodness!). One more thing, what are some of the things you put on your resime? I can share mine with you if you want. Just want to know what another guy of my type is doing. I'm a little worried that it isn't strong enough to get in. Maybe I'm being over-concerned, but it'd be great if you could share it with me.

I applied during the middle of January and heard from my ALO a week or so later. He did his interview, and said he felt strongly about me getting in. Stinks that those who act early and don't wait until March 15 have to wait until April to hear back. Oh well, maybe they will let us know early. :)
I just received word from a USAF Colonel who lives down the road from house about my interview. He wants to interview me in a couple of days. What stuff (if you can tell me) did your ALO cover in your interview -- what basic ideas do I need to make sure I cover before I go to mine? :cool: In essence, what do I need to make sure I do in the interview to make sure I get into the SS.

Thanks, and hope to see you there!
Haha remain calm the entire time, but honestly the ALO interview was the most comfortable one I had, and it helped that I did it in the comfort of his home as well, (ha they fed me pizza)... Be prepared to answer questions like why USAFA?, and what are your career objectives?, my ALO even asked what the Honor Code meant to me, stuff along those lines...

Enjoy that one while ya can, and use it as a test run because you'll have many more interviews for noms and scholarships next year that will be even more vital...

Good Luck... :thumb: