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    Which states are typically the most difficult in terms of competing for admission to West Point?

    I am reading that a vast majority of people consider states like California and Texas to be much more competitive, traditionally, than states like North Dakota or Wyoming.

    Are certain districts significantly more competitive than others? Since districts are determined by population, theoretically shouldn't they be very closely comparable in applicants to West Point?
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    Some districts are more competitive because of the schools they have in the area. Ex. NJ is considered a very competitive state. I'm sure someone else on this forum can explain this better.
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    For big states, the competitiveness is the senatorial level, not Congressional. A small state like DE, with two senators and one Congressman. So an applicant has a better chance of getting a nomination from a Senator than his Congressman. For MD, a Senator will get sevearl hundred application, where as most competitive Congressional district might have 50 applicants.

    The competitivness of a Congressional district will depends on the demographic. The real competition is qualified applicants not the number of applicants. Congressional districts covering lower income areas tend to have not many good schools, hence less qualified applicants. Certain congressional districts are more competitive for certain SA. For example, my Congressional district, majority wants nomination to the Naval Academy.

    Your SA liaison officer for repsective SA should be able to tell you how competitve your Congressional district is.
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    Our district

    USAFA (2 slots available) 4 candidates placed ASAFA as their top choice.

    USMA (1 slot available) 8 candidates placed USMA as their top choice.

    USNA (1 slot available) 22 candidates placed USNA as their top choice.

    I'm not sure what it means though

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