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    I am going through everything I need for Beast, and was wondering if I need to bring some stationary with me, and if so how much. Also, do I just need to bring the clothes on my back? should I bring an extra pair of clothes? What about underwear for guys? bring my own or use the issued? or do I have a choice? What about car insurance? should I remain on my parents plan? Thanks!
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    DS was given USAFA stationery and envelopes (stamps too I think). We sent him with small pad of plain white paper and 10 or so envelopes plus stamps. He wrote us on the AFA paper usually, though sometimes on the plain paper. Sent him more stamps in a letter later. We also sent him with some address labels to just stick on an envelope.
    Don't need extra clothes - just what you report in. You won't wear civvies again til you're in your parents hotel room parents weekend (and out of sight of anyone else from AFA) or at home on leave. After recognition you can wear civilian clothes.
    No extra underwear for guys - you get issued 'whitey tighties'. Can wear own underwear after acceptance.
    We told our insurance company (USAA) the day DS reported to USAFA. He is still on our plan but 'away at college' -- much cheaper but he's still insured to drive a car. He will eventually switch to his own USAA car insurance - he has his own USAA policy now for his computer (they set that up for you when you get issued your computer)

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