Status Of Pres/VP Noms


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May 20, 2007
I'm mailing in my applications for Presidential and VP noms, and I was wondering if there was any way I could track whether or not the right people receive them. I'd imagine I could call USAFA about the Presidential one since it's addressed to them, but what about VP? Any ideas?
If you just want to verify that they were received you can mail them with "delivery confirmation". A number is assigned to your letter and you can check it online at the US Postal Service website to verify date and time it was received. I did this for all of my son's nomination packets, including the VP, just so he knew they had arrived.
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You are correct about the Prez. If you do it now, it should show up in plenty of time and either the Admissions Office or the ALO could confirm that it is done. Don't waste your bucks tracking it.
Thanks to everyone for the tips. Unfortunately, my mom put them in the mailbox today while I was at school, so I didn't have a chance to talk to her about it. Oh well, in a couple of weeks I'll call USAFA as well as whatever number I can find for the VP's office and see if they made it.
Well, since my AFA app updated with all the candidate stuff (I'm officially a candidate now I guess) it says that my Presidential nom was "received"... whether this means they got my application for the nom or I actually got the nom I don't know. Regardless, at least I know they got the letter. Info from the VP is MIA at the moment.
My daughter received letters from both USAFA and USMA stating that she had received a Presidential nomination. The Naval Academy doesn't start processing Presidential nomination requests until July.

...Info from the VP is MIA at the moment.

It is way too early in the process to hear anything about VP nominations.