Status shows Remedial, but now date changed???

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by cjm8497, Jan 8, 2019.

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    I am very confused and concerned. We were asked to submit AMI for DS file regarding a mild concussion he sustained during the soccer season. We submitted the requested files immediately, it's been a month now. The status in his USMA portal showed REMEDIAL with a date of 12/8/18 for the longest time. Now it shows REMEDIAL still, but with a date of 1/2/19?? So did someone look at his file again but somehow they haven't received the paperwork we sent? Is the holdup on the DoDMERB end? To make things more confusing he received a 3Q letter just a few days after they requested the AMI. I know I have to be patient, he has a PNom from our MOC and the 3Q letter, but the wait is frazzling!
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    My son had to send his AMI three times 2 years ago. Son can email his tech directly at DODMERB. There was a waiting period with my son’s surgery so he could see when someone opened his file which was a long 6 months! The wait is frazzling but your son sits in a good spot right now. Follow up with DODMERB to verify they have all they need.
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    Same happened with me, I had a DQ code back in December and the date changed to 01/06/19. Pending submission of Waiver request for USMA. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about seeing that USMA has already submitted a waiver request. As long as you don’t see a DQ or Waiver Denied code you shouldn’t worry. I emailed DoDMERB and my Admissions Officer. DoDMERB hasn’t responded but my Admission Officer said DoDMERB is extremely backed up and just be patient. As long as you have all your paperwork in, you should be good. A repeating code is most likely a sign of a system/technical error. Best of luck to you and your DS.