STEP Attire


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Feb 2, 2008
I was wondering what the appropriate attire is for the STEP program. Obviously, I am a female so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. There's nothing worse than being considerably under or over makes everything kind of awkward.:wink:

My daughter wore khakis, and a sweater from what I remember. Just dress nice. Slacks or khaki's are fine, you can wear a skirt if you want and are comfortable.
You will be walking around and doing things so be comfortable. I would not wear jeans or sneakers.
Will my parents be there the whole time? Also, would it be inappropriate to bring my little sister along? She's eight.:redface:

Yes your parents will be there the whole time.
Other families brought younger children - she may however be bored. It is a long day. If she doesn't mind the tour and a lot of sitting she will be fine.