Still....send a chill and sheds a tear.....

Blue and Gray, standing very proud of them ALL.
We went with our son to the 2016 awesome victory! I am SO glad we got to experience this game with our 2021 soon to be plebe.

Husband is retired from the Navy and had never been to the game. Was so much fun to see him happy as a clam and watch my son's excitement.

DD (USNA '13) and I attended her 12th consecutive A-N game. She's scheduled to be in California in 2017, so it might be more complicated, but still planning for both of us to be there. Military connection or not, I always tell people that it's an experience like no other.
We were there. It was glorious. Father Matt's awesome connection with the Almighty got Army to victory. 2016 was the year. The trend is now.
Army/Navy is something you must see. It may be cold for March On but it is awesome. Have been to two and each one was great. Put it on your bucket list.
Great Video. Whomever you root for just remember that they are a small portion of the 1% that have committed to protect and defend the rest of the 99%.

Gates graduation speech at Naval Academy in 2011 was great. Look it up if you have a chance. When he broke up I did also.

BEAT ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

And AIR FORCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also Go UConn for 101. Hope my daughter got some of those Gino Hundred dollar bills and some great posters.
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