Still waiting on NROTC?

Apr 17, 2023
Hey all,

Just wondering if any other guys are waiting on their NROTC results as of 4/17. I submitted my app around early January I think, and still have not heard anything from them (I check daily). I also talked with my CO last month who said they would email the results but he didn't know when. As college decision day is coming up and I got turned down by the Academy, I have to put my backup plan into action and I'm getting anxious!!

Is it normal to hear from them this late (or later)?

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It’s completely normal to hear from this late and sometimes alternates hear back by June. However, there is a good chance (from what I have read on the forum) that the results should come out this week.
DD submitted her NROTC app in Jan or early Feb (in time for the final deadline). On Fri 4/7, she got a call from someone there bc she had to make a minor correction to the form. It sounded like they were going to start reviewing the apps on Mon 4/10, and that notifications would go out to mid-to-late this week. Good luck!
Got it. During my interview I was asked if I was aware of the academy and felt pressured to say yes that's my top choice and NROTC was my backup, so I guess my PMS wrote that down and put me as an alternate in case I got into the academy.
I spoke with NETC a few days ago. Board met for final time last week, results will come out this week.
Biting my fingernails. I spoke with my CO today and he said he doesn't know, could be until end of school year (June?!) or anytime in between.
The people in the know on all these dif forums say it will go to the end of the month and yes they said some people get notified in May and June but only a handful it seems. I looked at the previous years strings and it looked like Apr 27-30 when everyone found out yes or no
I found out in the last few days of april. put my deposit down around april 30th, right before decision day. No news is good news. good luck!