Stimulus plan helping out AFA...

Another stat for yall. We use 200,000 gallons of diesel a year here. Gen Regni has set the goal for USAFA to use ZERO diesel by 2013! USAFA really is pushing for renewable. The new solar plant will provide the equivalent of 1/6 current energy consumption.
A Stimulus Joke

Three contractors had been invited to the White house to give estimates to fix a broken fence. One was from Chicago , one was from Tennessee , and one was from Minnesota . They met with an official who took them to look at the fence. The Contractor from Minnesota took out his tape measure, took some measurements did some figures with paper and pencil and then announced to the official that it would cost $900 to fix the fence, “$400 for materials, $400 for labor and $100 profit for me”. The contractor from Tennessee then took some measurements and did some figuring and stated that he could do the job for $700. “$300 for materials, $300 for labor and $100 profit for me” he said. The Contractor from Chicago then leans over and whispers “$2,700” into the ear of the official. Incredulous the official says, “That is outrageous! You didn’t even take any measurements or do any figuring, how did you come to that amount?” The contractor from Chicago then leans back over and again whispers in the officials ear “$1000 for me, $1000 for you and we get the guy from Tennessee to fix the fence”. The official says “done”!

And that lady’s and gentlemen is how the new stimulus package is going to work