Strabismus Surgery?

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    I have a very random question that I know most people won’t have a prefect answer to. But, I figured that maybe SOMEONE out there might have some knowledge to offer.
    I am a prospective 2023 SA and ROTC applicant, and overall I am a pretty healthy person. I can’t think of anything that would disqualify me medically, except for one thing. When I was a child (3 or 4 years), I had strabismus surgery to correct my crossed eyes. Now, my eyes are mostly fine, except for some very minor nearsightedness, which is correctable to 20/20. Will this be an issue, even though I was 3 or 4 at the time of surgery?

    Also, one more question... if I want to become a pilot, will my history of eye surgery disqualify me from that?

    Again I know this is a very specific question, but any advice is helpful. I know I am early in the process, but I’m just trying to get some more info if anyone has gone through this before.
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    I can offer some guidance. DD NROTC mid had the exact situation. She had a complete eye exam from Dr who performed the Esotropia surgery 15 years earlier to document it was successful.

    Checked the Eye trouble and past surgery/hospital stay blocks on paperwork. Both Dodmerb physicians noted on paperwork that things looked good and she was qualified without remedial.

    She wants SWO/Sub so flight may be different story. There should be guidelines someplace in Navy Bumed or NAMI parameters. My guess having gone through NAMI myself is JET carrier aviator = non qual and everything else NFO and helo/patrol will be a Qual.....

    We never needed it but having the paperwork from the recent eye exam and post operative findings is good to have in case of remedial.

    Good luck.. Fly Navy !!
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    i don't know anything about the strabismus, but i also have some nearsightedness which is correctable to 20/20. I don't really need glasses, but have them in case i need to read something small from far away. The optometrist who gave me the exam for DODMERB told me i am good, but i can't never be a pilot. so not sure if that surgery will disqualify you from being a pilot, but your minor nearsightedness might.
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    It seems like you should be medically qualified. The current esotropia, depending on severity, is disqualifying. The standard does not say history of. However: there is a catch all in the standard "Current or history of any abnormality of the eye (360) or adnexa (376, 379.9), not specified in subparagraphs 4.h.(1)-(9) of this enclosure, which threatens vision or visual function" But I do not think this will apply.

    No good news for pilot however. This is from the Navy Aeromedical Standards, other services may have different standards for aviators.
    SNA are Student Naval Aviators
    WAIVER: History of strabismus surgery is considered disqualifying for all aviation duty. A waiver typically will not be considered for an SNA applicant, due to the risk of progressive degradation to alignment even decades later. A waiver for aviation duty other than an SNA applicant may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Waiver consideration is no sooner than six months after a successful and stable strabismus surgery if post-operatively, the member otherwise meets the visual standards appropriate for his or her duty.