Study abroad and AFROTC?


Sep 28, 2017
Given that summers need to be reserved for AFROTC activities, can anyone advise regarding whether it's possible to do a semester abroad while on an AFROTC HSSP scholarship?

DS is interested in studying in continental Europe, possibly in Russia. Germany or France may also be options.
Yes, it is possible, but it depends upon your major, the college, and the unit. Also, careful planning may be necessary so that course sequence requirements are met. I think this could vary widely by school, so I would contact the units at the schools you're interested in to see how flexible they can be in this regard.
Yeah! I did a term abroad and it was awesome!!!!! If your son's school has a program for his major, it's HIGHLY likely his AFROTC unit will support. He's allowed a semester off of AFROTC to do a study abroad, but he'll just need to double up on AS classes for one semester. As long as his leadership is aware of it and his academic plan is set for it he'll be good to go.
thibaud, your summers do not need to be reserved for AFROTC activities. The only mandatory summer requirement is to attend SFT (LEAD) between your sophomore and junior years.
So ROTC has something called ProjectGo in which only cadets can apply and get accepted and it is 100% free. However this Study Abroad is done in the Summer but you will receive from 3-9 credits depending on the program. All cadets on contract or not can apply for this and almost all of them are selected.