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    My son is going to his physical and he has a hx of stutering but it has resolved , with little or no reisdual. He was in speech therapy from 9-12 and he is 18 now. I am going to start to collect the medical records but is there anyone out here that has dealt with this? If he passes the reading test will they DQ him? He is going for the USNA.

    Also , how granular did everyone get? Do I have to mention at the age of 3 he had ear tubes?

    Thanks for any input!!:confused:
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    My son also had speech therapy in his elementary school years. We simply noted it on the form and there were no questions about it. However, every case is unique and you may be asked to provide further information.

    Yes, you should report EVERYTHING (including ear tubes) that they ask for. There was a section for hospitialization/surgery were you should indicate that your son had ear tubes. It is important that you share EVERYTHING so that later physicals do not show that you omitted important information. Remember that DoDMERB is not looking for reasons to keep your DS out of USNA. They are charged with making sure that candidates meet the standards of a warrior. Best wishes for success to your DS (and you). :thumb:

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