Submitting CFA Scores

Aug 24, 2017
I know that USAFA requires your CFA scores to be submitted 48 hours after testing, is this true for USMA as well? My instructor was out of town all weekend after I took my test and didn’t submit my scores within 48 hours.
I know that USMA requires the CFA administrator's email and that you can change the administrator freely UNTIL he/she submits your CFA form. Upon submission, you can't mess with that part of your candidate kit anymore (then your RC may or may not ask you to retest...that is up to what your RC wants and I have no clue how they judge that). Mine was administered by a Military Officer and he took a while after I entered his email to submit my scores. USMA does not have a time limit from the email entry to the score submission and will process your scores IF they are deemed valid and when they find it in their mountain of electronic files. They will still process failing scores because those count as an attempt. My RC told me in a briefing that if a cadet candidate fails the CFA, he can ask him/her to retest ONE time and if the candidate fails that one, they aren't allowed to take it again. I don't know if this is how it is for the other RCs, or if it's just mine who does this, as I have not attended briefings in other regions. Only Great Lakes, so you might want to ask your RC how things are done in yours...