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    With the summer approaching and applications opening up, I just wanted to make sure I am on track so far :)

    Thanks in advance for your input!!
    - I will be taking the ACT on June 14.
    - I've opened up a file for the ROTC scholarship for all three branches and am waiting for the application to officially open up in mid to late June.
    - I've asked for rec letters from my English, Math, and Chemistry teachers as well as a confirmation letter for my involvement in various ECAs from my counselor.
    - I've contacted the staffer in charge of service nominations in my district and am waiting for my ACT scores to roll in so I can press that submit button!
    - I'll be attending NASS this week and will be taking the CFA there (was not accepted to SLE) .
    - Besides NASS and Girls State this summer, I will be involved with my local Operation Care and Comfort unit by making care packed for troops overseas. I am also applying for various life guard jobs.

    As for my senior schedule, I have decided to take the toughest courses offered, again (the rigor is similar, if not, harder than my junior year) :
    AP Econ
    AP Gov
    AP Calc BC
    AP Chemistry
    AP Physics
    English 4

    Like many applicants on here, West Point has been my absolute dream school since grade school--I am putting my best foot forward in everything I do and hope to one day be part of the Long Gray Line :)

    P.S. I've heard from various sources that being a female Asian applicant would help my chances; although I do not want to be accepted purely based on a quota, I am still curious to know if this is a fact.

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