Summer Assignment


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Jun 13, 2006
Hey Boss, I'm in Foxtrot. I thought we would be split up in X-Ray, Yankee, and Zulu, not into companies Alpha-Hotel. Any idea what that is about, or do we just not find out where we are in the summer until later?
Ok they just changed the more x-y-z. The company you are assigned in swab summer is the one you'll stay with all year. Also this means you're on Eagle August 5-12. You're going from Portsmouth to Boston. Sweet.
Awesome! Thanks a lot for the info. Out of curiosity, a lot of people are trying to figure out when they will be on the Eagle, how did you know?
It was on the parents listmaster. Have your parents check their email! Lots of stuff coming they have the r-day schedule in great detail! Here is the info on Eagle.

EAGLE Company assignments are:
> Alfa, Bravo & Charlie: 29 Jul - 5 Aug
> Delta, Echo & Foxtrot: 5 Aug - 12 Aug
> Golf & Hotel: 12 Aug - 19 Aug
> EAGLE schedule for this period:
> Port call Newport, RI: Jul 28-31
> Port call Portsmouth, NH: Aug 4-7
> Port call Boston, MA: Aug 11-14
> Port call Greenport, NY: Aug 18-21
> Typically cadets will report & depart on a Saturday. EAGLE usually gets
> underway on Monday and pulls into port on Friday.