Summer Assignments

What internship in Washington DC will your son be participating in Boss?
He's going to be working with the Deployable Operations Group(DOG)...a "pet" project of the Commandant.:shake:
Haha, I know DOG, it's gotten around. Have fun with that, should be pretty interesting.
If only he could've gotten an internship with this DOG...


I kid of course, sounds like a great deal!

[That's Dog The Bounty Hunter for those who don't know of him... he had a show on TV]
looks like ill be going to the west coast of Africa and then up into the Mediterranean!
its a cutter. im dont know exactly what we're doing, just that we'll be underway the whole time in those places.
"What's the assignment? CG Cutter? Navy ship? What will you be doing?"

No Navy exchange for cadets during the summer, although it is an option second tour JO, as a navigator.