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    Im having a hard time finding out more info on the summer leadership. Is this the same as their sports camps? It looks like this is open before Jr and and before Sr yr of high school, unlike the other academies. Im also wondering about the timeline.
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    The Air Force Academy SS occurs during the summer between your junior and senior years in high school. Applications will open on December 1st. It's a week long program taking place in what I think is three different sessions in late May to mid June. It's not the same as the sports camps, here's a thread that will most likely answer your questions
    That is the West Point time line- though the concept is very similar I'd check the dates more carefully.
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    This is the link to the Summer Seminar page under admissions. The program is basically an Academy familiarization for high school juniors going into senior year of high school. There are 3 sessions, starting 31May, 6June, and 13June. If you have any more questions, people on the forums keg sent you will be able to answer them. Good luck!

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