Summer Reading

Midshipmen and cadets have required summer training that may include reading assignments.
I was kidding a bit...some courses do have reading assignments but not all.
I know for KSU in general we are required to Read "The Namesake", and for ROTC we are required to choose a book by a Former Officer and write a detailed report of it.
None for USAFA, except contrails before 4 dig year. ;) to be expected I suppose!
Navy Reading

Although this is not manditory at the Academy, this is a fairly new program intended to improve leardership characteristics within the fleet. It's a great source for reading lists for civilians also. The collections are broken down into five catagories:

Junior Enlisted Collection
Leading Petty Officer Collection
Division Leader Collection
Department/Command Leader Collection, and
Senior Leader's Collection

Within each collection, it's broken down into the following categories containing two books each:

Critical Thinking
Joint & Combined Warfare
Management and Strategic Planning
Naval and Military Heritage
Regional and Cultural Awareness

the web site for this is:

Good source for vacation reading at the shore!
Neat! My moms making me do summer reading. that includes the memorizing stuff I have to do like the mission of the Academy ect...
Haha yep your right. The only thing im reading at the moment is my Year Book! We just got them! LOL!:rolleyes: