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    I know I'm beating this into the ground, but can anyone give me some advice as to being competitive for the USAFA and its Summer Seminar? I only ask because the majority of people, that I know, which have applied to the summer program have been accepted already. I would appreciate any advice as to what I can do so that I can look as competitive as them; in other words, what can I do so that an admissions representative will immediately decide that they want me instead of debating it.
    Anyways, here's my resume. Any ideas and/or criticism is much appreciated! :D

    Academic Performance
    GPA: 4.00
    Class Rank: 14
    Class Size: 496
    Test Scores:
    PSAT Verbal/Critical Reading: 61
    PSAT Math: 62


    1) Is your uncorrected vision 20/50 or better? Yes
    2) Have you ever participated in high school extracurricular activities such as sports, bands or clubs? Yes
    3) Have you served as captain of an organized athletic team? No
    4) Have you served in a high school government position? No
    5) Have you actively participated in community organizations such as church, Scouts, 4-H, CAP, etc.? Yes
    6) Have you received special recognition such as Eagle/Gold Award, Billy Mitchell Award, Boy's/Girl's State, etc.? Yes
    7) Have you worked during the school year? Yes


    1) Academic Achievements
    - 4.0 GPA (Unweighted)
    - National Honor Society Member (11 - Only available for
    juniors/seniors at my school's chapter)
    - AFJROTC Academic Bowl Team Captain
    - Greater-Clark Co. Schools Distinguished Academic Achievement Award
    - Taken 12 AP/honors courses and followed the suggested courses
    listed on the USAF Academy's website.

    2) Athletic Achievements
    - Varsity football player (9, 10, 11)
    - Hoosier Hills Conference Champs (JV - 10 and 11)
    - Undefeated Season (JV- 10)
    - Starting linebacker (Freshman team - 9; JV team - 10 and 11)
    (All players are considered varsity players despite what team they
    primarily play on due to the fact that all players are expected to
    practice with the varsity team and participate/play in all varsity
    events and games.)
    - Scholar-Athlete Award recipient (9, 10, 11)

    3) Civic Involvements
    - March of Dimes station aid (10 and 11)
    - Collected food for low-income families for Thanksgiving (11)
    - Angel Tree aid (collected and wrapped presents for children of low
    income families) (9, 10, 11)
    - Tutored fellow students throughout the school year through Kitty
    Hawk Air Society and National Honor Society (9, 10, and 11)
    - Through community service and other civic involvements, I've
    developed an invaluable sense, and practical definition, of
    teamwork as well as numerous leadership skills. I've also found out
    what it is like to give back to the community and help others who
    are less fortunate.

    4) Work/Job Experience
    - Little Caesar's Pizza employee
    - Works ~20 hours throughout the week
    - Responsible for general duties (i.e. making, baking, cutting, and
    preparing pizzas, cleaning, doing dishes, customer service, etc.)

    5) Leadership Positions
    - AFJROTC Deputy Corps Commander (Responsible for managing extra-
    curricular teams and events, in-school details, leading the corps
    staff along the corps commander and instructors, and coordinating
    with other flight commanders for effective corps operation.)
    - AFJROTC Unarmed Drill Team Commander (Responsible for scheduling,
    leading, and conducting practices for ~12 drill team members
    throughout the year and leading the team during competitions.)
    (9, 10, 11)
    - AFJROTC Competition Color Guard Commander (Responsible for
    selecting, training, and equipping color guard members as well
    as leading practices throughout the year and leading the color
    guard at competition.)(9, 10, 11)
    - AFJROTC Inspection Team Commander (Responsible for organizing
    inspection team members, making certain that all members are
    knowledgeable of required information such as the chain of command,
    Air Force history and rank structure, etc., and assisting in
    uniform adjustment and maintenance throughout competition.)
    (9 and 11)
    - In 2010, I led a group of AFJROTC cadets to raise money for a
    graduate of our JROTC corps who lost his leg helping a stranded
    driver; we successfully raised over $1,000 for him.

    6) Other Noteworthy Achievements(s)/Experience (e.g., speak fluent Chinese, lived overseas, Private Pilots License, parent(s), relative serviced in military, have sibling at another at AFA or other Academy, etc.)
    - AFJROTC Staff member (Similar to a student government for a JROTC
    corps) (10 and 11)
    - Chamber Choir member (We received a Gold w/ Distinction at State
    Competition in 2011) (10 and 11)
    - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University/Celebrate Freedom Foundation
    JROTC Achievement Award recipient
    - Model UN member/participant
    - Two of my uncles have served in the military; one is an Army Ranger
    and Lieutenant Colonel and the other was an Army National
    Guard combat medic who was honorably discharged as a Sergeant. My
    grandfather served in the Marines and both my aunt and father
    served in the Air Force as well.
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    Get your SAT scores higher than your PSAT's.
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    your PSAT scores might need to be raised BUT there are others who were accepted to USAFA SS already with much lower scores. I applied to USMA a few days ago and got accepted the next day. I applied to USAFA within hours after it opening with Math:33, English: 34, Composite: 31 (varsity, team captain, 4.3 GPA, volunteer, work etc etc etc) and have also not been accepted. So who knows.

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