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    DD is working on summer seminar application. She is taking the ACT for first time in Feb. She has been taking an ACT review course for a few weeks. Part of the course is the administration of full proctored practice exams. These are full exams run exactly like test day including the writing portion. She has taken two of these. Would it be inappropriate to list these scores on the application?

    She has also taken the PSAT and has listed that score as well, but her ACT scores are better.
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    I do not know if Air Force Academy provided tips, but USMA did on how to improve sat/act scores. Your daughter should be able to find this on the West Point Admissions site, right side.
    I would strongly suggest that she study for whichever she is comfortable with and find her strengths. They will take either the ACT or SAT, whatever scores are higher. As a senior now who has finished applying, best advice I can give is to make the scores as high as possible. Better chance of higher academic score, which means higher whole candidate score, which means she boosts her place on the admissions list, or the National Waiting List if she is put there. Every point counts. Good luck to her!
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    Do not submit practice test scores. These are not valid scores. Only submit official scores of PLAN test, PSAT, ACT or SAT. The scores that you use for the summer applications are what are used to consider you for opening your official application file. If you were to submit practice test scores that don't match your official test score when they are reported to the academy, this could be perceived as an integrity issue.

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