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    Jan 11, 2018
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    It says on the SS website to apply early since it’s on a rolling basis, but I haven’t taken my new ACT yet. My old score was a 26 composite with 24 in math and science. I took that one without studying, so this next one I’m taking in late February I should get a 30+.

    Am I better off waiting or applying now? Also, can I make edits to the application once it’s in?
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    Oct 15, 2017
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    Candidates often upload new scores after their application has been started.
    I don't purport to know what the admissions board uses as their standard, but the national average is 22, so a 26 may be considered fairly low.
    It's up to you when you apply, but my advice is to study this time and retake the test. You may want to take it with the essay as well, since ROTC (I believe) requires the essay.
    Take the SAT as well. The tests are quite different and some do better on one versus the other.

    Summer Seminar is not required or indeed even part of the application or review process, so try not to get too hung up on it. If you do end up going, make sure that you can do a good PFT when you get there.
    Many candidates come away from NASS with dismal PFT scores (which they re-do later) because they weren't trained and ready to do their best when they attended NASS.
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    When does the application for the NASS close?