Summer Seminar Impact


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Nov 28, 2016
Hi everyone!

I just got my TWE from USNA this afternoon. The cut off date was April 15, so I am incredibly proud of myself and everyone else for holding on this long. For all my peers who received TWEs recently, you are all amazing candidates, but this was just not our year.

I am obviously a bit disappointed, but still very thankful that USNA gave me the opportunity last year to attend their Summer Seminar. Interestingly enough, I was rejected from every single summer seminar except Annapolis, yet I received an appointment/civil prep offer to every school except USNA! I don't come from a military family, so USNA's summer seminar allowed me to truly realize my desire to attend a service Academy. Thank you, USNA for the long run!

If anyone only applied to USNA this year and was rejected, I can definitely understand that it is rough. 8+ months of application stress go into probably one of the biggest moments of your life, and it sucks that it doesn't seem like it paid off. However, it did. Whether you know it or not, you have grown so so much from just experiencing such a rigorous application and meeting other students who are cut from the same cloth. Reapply!

I am just a high school senior about to enter my year of civil prep at MMI before heading to West Point, but I will help anyone along the way that needs advice or has any questions in the future. Best of luck to those applying in the future, and know that summer Seminar applications have no impact (from experience) on your admission into the school. Best of luck to those who received TWEs and have amazing back up plans already in place. Best of luck to those who received appointments and will be going on to serve the country in one of the best institutions in America!

- candor