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    Does anyone have the summer seminar schedule from past years? The main question concerns travel days. Do the participants have time to travel to/from COS on the first or last days? Thanks.
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    Aug 24, 2011
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    If I can recall correctly, last year, there was a guide, a Summer Seminar manual that was uploaded on the website. It showed the time span that the shuttle bus will arrive at Colorado Springs Airport which will drive the summer seminar students to the Air Force Academy. If you are arriving at Denver, there will not be a shuttle bus available so you have to find a way to either arrive at Colorado Springs at the specified times or at the Air Force Academy (I believe there were instructions on where to drive/park etc.) Same thing for departures from USAFA: there are shuttle buses at specified times that will take you back to the airport. I suggest you book airline tickets that matches the times that USAFA has provided you with as soon as possible because spaces may be limited!