Summer Seminar


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Jan 20, 2009
My sat scores are low for this program I feel! Do any of you know anybody that has gotten into summer seminar with an 1110 sat math and verbal score?I am trying hard to study and am takin them again in march! Is this too late to get in to the summer seminar? Any responses are greatly appreciated! Thanks
Have you taken the PSAT or ACT? If you take the SAT in March, you might not get the scores back before the application closes. It is better to apply early, because it is harder to get accepted once spots are already filled.
I took them last year at some point. I don't remember my scores though. I was planning to apply this Sunday when it opens. Can an application be updated once it is submitted?
Apply. Submit what you can, and make yourself look good (while remaining honest of course)... Putting off applying won't help you any.

Most importantly: STUDY for that SAT in March. Even if you don't get into NASS you want those SAT's to look spectacular.
Thanks! I enrolled in an sat course and have been studyig much more than I was the first time. I wild apply on Sunday and stick with that.
You could update your application for Air Force Summer Seminar, but I am not sure if it will be the same with navy.