Summer seminar


Oct 2, 2016
Hey everyone,

Does anyone know when we hear back from USAFA about summer seminar? I just wanted to know when so I can plan for other things over the summer as well. Thanks!
I can't remember when my kids got their acceptances, but as a tip, if the other things are selective and/or fill up, go ahead and apply. If you wait to hear about the Summer Seminar and find out you didn't get in, you might lose a spot in other opportunities. It's always best to have options, even if you have to eventually say "no" to one or more. Good luck!
My DS found out last year on Feb 13th. He was in the first wave of AFASS acceptances.
I can't help but check my portal every day. I'm so anxious to find out!
I asked my ALO because I was extremely worried about whether or not I've made it in. He said it might be a week or two before we hear anything. Until then, I've just checked my portal everyday multiple times...just in case.
Last year I received an email before my portal updated. I submitted it on the deadline and got the email like 5 days later