Summer Seminar


Waiting here as well. I've been checking my email every half hour hoping to hear something. Hopefully we'll all hear either way soon!


Waiting here. I'm guessing it's a no, but would love to know for sure so we can get on with planning the rest of summer.
Sounds like you want to PlanAhead! Ha ha.

DS still waiting here. Applied the very first day so it's been a long wait. Feeling like it's probably a no. My DS sent an email to admissions with some questions a month ago and it was completely ignored. I know they are busy, but it seems like a bad sign when they don't even bother answer.


Everybody still waiting.....sounds like they were busy sending out TWE's today. Let's see what happens tomorrow. Good luck to everyone still in limbo
Yes, things are very much on their time. I was accepted back in March to USNA SS, so right now I believe if everyone hasn't been accepted, they will send more acceptances as people decline. Or I would assume.