Summer Seminar


Jun 18, 2017
I was just wondering what a good/average score is for the SAT? I took the SATs and got a 1270 and I'm worried that that is too low for the summer seminar.
I was just wondering what a good/average score is for the SAT? I took the SATs and got a 1270 and I'm worried that that is too low for the summer seminar.

My son had lower SAT score than 1270 and he got accept for the summer seminar. Focus on your essay, I think essay play a huge part.
I was just wondering what a good/average score is for the SAT? I took the SATs and got a 1270 and I'm worried that that is too low for the summer seminar.

I have seen lower than that get accepted so don't get discouraged. Back when I did summer seminar in 2013 I was accepted with a 1630/2400 so they definitely accept both ends of the spectrum.
Ok, thank you for restoring my faith haha! Also, I was wondering about the essay: if I want to attend the naval academy's and west point's summer program, should I submit the same essay? I don't have any bias towards either.
You should also know that merit is not the only factor used for offers to SLE. No one knows exactly, but it is also a marketing program to get individuals that may not know much about the academy.

Do your best with your essays but do not stress about if you do not get an offer. More candidates get an offer of admissions that did not attend SLE than did.
SLE is partly an effort to get h.s. students familiar with USNA who might not otherwise considered it. None of us know how admissions decides who to choose, so we can't do anything but guess at your chances.
There are alot of threads and comments here, explaining the purpose of NASS. If you absolutely know that you want to go to USNA --you aren't the target audience regardless of SAT scores. Honestly, its kinda hard to predict who does and doesn't get in --there are plenty of high SATs, mid SAT's and in between. What has been made very clear is that if you don't get into NASS -- don't despair, its not an indicator of your competitiveness for Admission.
That's not a bad score, and it will not affect your chances of getting into the summer seminar one bit.
If you are able, take the SAT and ACT again when you are a senior. Your new scores will update on your record. If you didn't prepare for these tests the first time, make sure you
take practice tests and prepare for them the second time. Endeavor to get a better score the second time around.

The Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) program

is more of a marketing and outreach thing. It has no bearing on whether or not you ultimately receive an appointment.
It is geared toward H.S. seniors who don't know much about SA life and is designed to steer them in the direction of USNA. It is for all intents and purposes, a protracted college visit.
This is not to say that you shouldn't go, or shouldn't want to go. Go ahead and apply for NASS. This begins the admission process and will get you assigned an official candidate number.
What should be stressed here is that if you do NOT get accepted to NASS, it is no big deal. It will not affect your "chances" one bit. Every year, a LOT of very well-qualified candidates
get passed over for NASS, because the USNA already knows they're serious about appointment to USNA.

The Naval Academy Candidate Visit Weekend (CVW) program
If your application is really strong (and you have it half complete by the end of the summer), some time in the Fall you may receive an invite to one of the scheduled Candidate Visit Weekends (CVW).
This is one of those first "litmus tests" to let you know that the USNA has taken an interest in your application. If you cannot attend, it will NOT be held against you. If at all possible however, you should attend.
I am not saying that you should attend because it will "help your chances", but rather because it will expose you to academy life on a snapshot scale, as you follow a Plebe around for a couple of days.
If you're "all-in" already, the CVW will probably make you wish you were already done with your senior year and at the Academy. If you're vacillating either way, the CVW may actually be one of those things
that makes you decide "holy crap, Academy life is not for me!". It's a Thursday - Saturday thing, and it will cause you to miss a couple of days of High School, to be there.

The Candidate Fitness Assessment
If you do end up at NASS, be advised that they will conduct the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA) while you're there. Quite a few candidates come away from NASS with less-than-stellar CFA scores, only because they
haven't been training to do their best on this set of physical tests. Many of them end up re-taking the CFA later in the year, to improve those scores. It is something to think about. If you're planning on going to NASS,
then you should be doing practice CFAs before you go, and should have a good idea already as to how you will perform. Your CFA score should not come as a surprise, in other words.

No one knows for sure what the percentage of importance is for each part of the Whole Candidate Score equation, but think about your CFA as one thing that you can keep improving upon.
Conversely, those first 6 semesters of High School are already over at the point of going to NASS, so there's nothing you can improve on with that academic score!
I applied for summer seminar last year and got in with NO SAT score (hadn’t taken it yet), which indicates that your SAT isn’t the end-all be-all of the application. Good luck!